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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Where is Rocky Point located?
A. Approximately 64 miles south of the Arizona/Mexico border. (Check out our Maps page)

Q. How long does it take to drive to Rocky Point?
A. About 3.5 hours from the edge of Phoenix or Tucson .

Q. Will our vehicle be inspected at the border?
A. Green light means we continue down the road without being inspected. Red light means we pull over and open the doors for a routine inspection.

Q. What about buying prescription medicine in Mexico ?
A. You may bring prescription medicine back as long as you have the corresponding prescriptions from a U.S. Doctor

Q. Do we need to exchange dollars for pesos in Rocky Point?
A. No, U.S. dollars are welcome everywhere.

Q. Can we use credit cards?
A. Yes, many places do but we suggest bringing cash for your daily expense many places only take cash and ATM machines only dispense Pesos. Remember the exchange rate is about 10 to 1. So if you get out 100 pesos you only have 10 dollars.

Q. Is it safe to drink the water?
A. The water in Rocky Point is from 4 fresh water wells that are 14 miles inland. It is ancient water considered safe; however, it has lots of minerals. While brushing your teeth and showering, this water is absolutely safe. We suggest drinking bottled water as a practice. Most restaurants and hotels serve bottled water.

Q. How much Alcohol & Shrimp can we bring back to the U.S. ?
A. 1 liter of alcohol per adult and 5 kilos of fish or shrimp per person.

Q. Do I need a visa or a passport?
A. No, not at this time. You will need a valid driver's license & Birth Certificate for passengers over 18, and only a Birth Certificate is required for passengers under 18. Rocky Point is still in the free zone which does not require a visa or a passport. However, starting January 2008 you will be required to have a passport to reenter the U.S.

Q. How many people can Sea Side Shuttle Accommodate
A. Our shuttle holds 11 passengers. We can provide transportation for up to 200 people upon request with our larger buses.

Q. Can Sea Side help me arrange activities or meeting space while my group is in Rocky Point?
A. Our staff can provide everything for your stay! Everything from transportation to accommodations, or meeting space and coordination for any family reunion, wedding, or corporate event you are considering.

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