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Rocky Point Del Mar Charters is Sailing!

Over the crest of the waves, the Hobi-cat bobs up and down, its colorful sails against the blue horizon. With the arrival of Rodolfo and Jose from Mazatlan , the Del Mar Sailing Club is afloat. In it's second year, DEL MAR SAILING CLUB once again offers sailing lessons privately or with a group, and sailboat rentals with the Hobicat, Hobi one, Sunfish, Sunkish and Zuma.

Young and older alike can avail of these boats to learn to sail or rent them on an hourly or daily basis.

Rodolfo, with 37 years sailing experience in Mazatlan , takes up to 4 people out on the Hobicat to teach them the art of sailing. If you simply wants to rent a boat, and are not a sailor, Jose will accompany you. From june 2 nd , the Kiddies sailing club will operate on a daily basis. The kids will start their class on the beach every morning learning about the boat, the winds, and how to rig the boat. Then Rodolfo and or Jose brings the kids out to the sea to practice the techniques they have learned. Kiddies courses will run from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, 5 days per week at a cost of $225 all included. The only requirement id that each child be a competent swimmer and life jackets provided are obligatory. Parents may also join the classes and lessons for all age groups are available all day long.

Looking for other activities to keep the YOUNGER ONES BUSY? Del Mar Charters also offers fishing trips on the TEMPO. The kids LOVE it. Oscar will take your kids fishing for half a day at a time. On these trips Oscar teach them how to fish, clean and fillet the fish, and then take it home for dinner. What could be more fun! There are many different varieties of fish in the Sea of Cortez such as sailfish, grouper, flounder and tiggerfish to name but a few. Why not take the whole family fishing? The average fishing trip lasts 4 to 6 hours. Such a relaxing way to spend the day and catch dinner!

Bird Island , San Jorge Island , is a must.

The Islands of San Jorge, better known to us as Bird Island , are located about 27 miles from Rocky Point in the Bay of San Jorge . These islands are a great tourist attraction, mainly due to the many different species of birds that find shelter there, such as marine swallows, seagulls and more, not forgetting the blue footed bootie. Bird Island also has great herds of Sea Lions, one of the biggest colonies of the sea lions in the gulf of California, about 2,500 of them at any given time. Del Mar charters offers 2 daily trips to Bird Island . The average trip takes 4 to 5 hours. Very often, going to and from the island, the dolphin swim with the boat. There has even been some whales sighted on occasion not far from the boat, on these trips.

But the most fun to be had is SWIMMING WITH THE BABY SEA LIONS at the island. The trips to bird island includes beer, margaritas, water, soda and burritos. Don't forget your camara!

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