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In his youth, Fernando Lopez Trasviña was a 6-1 ht. point guard representing the basketball team for the City of Guaymas in regional and State of Sonora tournaments. His love for the sport motivated him to create New major and amateur Basketball leagues right here in Puerto Peñasco. Born in Guaymas, Sonora, he moved to Rocky Point 11 years ago working as a sales agent for Sandy Beach condominiums projects Princesa de Peñasco and Las Palomas.

Fernando is the currently President of the Rockies de Peñasco Basketball Club A.C. and is inviting the entire community to help expand the Basketball activities for boys and girls from 8 to 15 years old.

Mr. Humberto Cuadras is the Director and has been upgrading the league and doing a fantastic job. We all know that belonging to a team, or being a part of something, give many kids the self-esteem they may be lacking. It also helps from friendships, provides great exercise and teach them how to be good sports and get along with one another. Besides all of that, the big reason the team was started was to reduce the potential of kids becoming delinquents, dropping out of school, becoming addicted to drugs or joining street gangs. It also helps the kids relate better within their family environment and the community.

The basketball courts all located in various neighborhoods all over the city so they are accessible to all of the children who want to participate. Sister cities Phoenix and Tucson plan to pit their basketball teams against our Rockies in friendly exchanges. Remember when you play sports in school, how fun it was to travel to a neighboring city to play their team. well, okay, so being the visiting team wasn't always that fun, but the teams will get to play both here in Peñasco and in Arizona.

Though basketball is a fun sport, the Rockies are serious about it. Beginning this month, when the children head back to school, the fathers of the children who want to be a part of the team will sign a commitment. Fernando says he appreciates the support the kids parents are showing. He also thanks the city of Puerto Peñasco and the state of Sonora for remodeling the local Basketball gym, showing their genuine support for this new Rocky Basketball team. He would also like to thank the Arizona youth supports foundation, being represented by President Mr. Rick Busa from Scottsdale Arizona . Rick is also and owner at the Princesa and Las Palomas.

If you would like to participate in this basketball project, your donations are always welcome and gratefully accepted the Rockies are in need of; new Basketballs; new size 5 (or 28.5) Nike, Spalding or Wilson tennis shoes or comparable brand that will support hours of running up and down the court; new, plain t-shirts in sizes small and medium, and in colors of navy blue, red or white. You may leave any of these donations at the coffee point located on Blvd. Benito Juarez, across from the municipal gymnasium, or at the office of Rocky point times. If you would like more information about the Rockies Basketball league, please contact Fernando Lopez in Rocky Point or the youth supports foundation of Arizona in Scottsdale, President Rick Busa.

The kids are part of our game plan and everyone of them deserves a chance. The Rockies Basketball League give them that chance, so please support them.

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